The Truth Is Out There

The Truth Is Out There - by Amadeus

A new way to bring the Catholic Faith to young people

Brendan and Erc are just your average interplanetary mailmen trying to find their way in the galaxy. But one day, while piloting cargo through the far reaches of space, they suddenly find themselves on a journey they didn't expect: a journey to the truth.

A totally new kind of Catholic resource for apologetics and evangelization, The Truth Is Out There combines the visual excitement and quirky humor of graphic novels with solid popular philosophy and theology. The result is a book in which everyone from teens to adults can find accessible answers to questions about God, the soul, true happiness, and much more—and have fun doing it!

And because Brendan and Erc start their journey at the very beginning, readers don't have to be Catholic—or possess any kind of faith—to appreciate the thoughtful ideas and arguments they'll encounter. If you just have an open mind (and a sense of adventure) you will come away from these pages with a clearer sense of life's purpose, and a better understanding of the reasons for believing in God, Jesus, and the Church. And if you're already a believer, The Truth Is Out There will deepen your knowledge of the Faith and sharpen your skills at defending it.

Praise for The Truth is Out There

Somehow the words 'comic book' and 'intellectually challenging' don't usually go together, but they do in The Truth Is Out There by Amadeus. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat as you journey with Brendan and Erc from exile to freedom to meet the One who said, 'the truth shall set you free.' Thank you, Amadeus, for presenting the journey from the prison walls of our mind to the exhilarating freedom of the truth in such an exciting way. The reader of this intellectually challenging comic book will never be the same! -Most Reverend Gregory J. Mansour, STL
Bishop of the Eparchy of Saint Maron of Brooklyn
This is a clever way to present truths of the faith to young people, especially in today's image-driven yet confused society. Kudos to the author for his artwork and creativity. - Brother Rahl Bunsa, BH
Former Superior of the Brotherhood of Hope
Here is a crazy running conversation about life the universe and everything, dramatically recounted via larger-than-life characters, using the magic medium of comics. Knowing that this work came to us out of a monastery only makes me happier. There's a long, colorful history of contemplatives not just preserving theology and philosophy, but illustrating it as well. The Truth is Out There is a part of that history. - Ben Hatke, author of Zita the Spacegirl trilogy